Why Can’t We Leave Without Cell Phones?

The path of technology growth improves our lives periodically. From paper letters to old-style phones, the way of communication has changed significantly. Now, a cell phone is the most significant communication tool. In addition, cell phones are developed with extra functions, and they start to occupy our lives step by step. In this article, we will explain why we can’t live without cell phones.

Reasons that We Must Have a Cell Phone

Cell phones have brought so much convenience to our daily lives. In this section, we will discuss how cell phones change our lives. 

  1. Ways of Communication

The cell phone is always the first tool we use to call the others. We prefer to make calls with cell phones as we can save all the numbers directly, and call others by clicking on the name. At the same time, there are more ways to talk to others. In the past years, the usage of social media apps has increased substantially, and the number of users is still rising. For example, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram are popular social media apps for cell phone users, and there are about 5.2 billion users globally. Meanwhile, running these apps won’t require an expensive cell phone, and phones like HONOR 200 Lite will be suitable. That’s why social media are getting popular globally.


  1. Payment Transactions

Although it sounds astounding to some users, making transactions with cell phones is getting more popular. Now, many countries accept mobile payments that link to a mobile wallet, through which users can pay the others directly. These payment transactions need the user to set up a mobile wallet or require them to pay in-app and online. There are plenty of benefits of using mobile payments. Firstly, shopping online or at a physical store with mobile payments is fast and cashless, which will reduce the risk of getting lost. Meanwhile, this payment method is efficient as you don’t have to calculate the changes, no matter how complex the calculation is. More importantly, mobile payment boosts the transactions and sales of online shopping. Given that buying stuff online is convenient and easy, users can buy what they want and check out with their phones by setting up the payment method online. 

  1. Information Acquiring

Reading on a cell phone is also a way to know what happens around us. Unlike reading traditional newspapers, by using a cell phone, we can always know real-time news domestically and globally. Another advantage is, compared to finding information from paper, we can search the topic online with our cell phone and read the interesting part only. If you are more interested in geopolitical situations, or if you prefer to know more about the financial market, search them on your cell phone and you will have a wide range of detailed information to read. It is convenient, as no matter whether we are taking a train or walking on the street, we can read any kind of information by clicking on our phones.


In conclusion, having a cell phone is essential. Firstly, a cell phone is the best tool for communication, and we have various ways to contact others with the support of mobile apps. Meanwhile, we can also make payment transactions with cell phones, which is safer and more convenient for both online and offline trading. Finally, we can read different kinds of news and information freely, and there is no limitation of time and place.

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