The Behaviors Will Damage Your Phone

The cell phone is a tool that meets our daily requirements regarding communications, social networking, and other entertaining perspectives. With the technology and manufacturing capability developed, phones are getting smaller but more functional. As more things are combined in this little device, the frequency of using it rises tremendously. However, if you don’t use it properly, your cell phone will be damaged.

4 Behaviors that Damage Your Phone

Here are 4 common ways that will shorten the life of our cell phones, and many of us may have done.

Poor Charging Habits

The battery life is one of our considerations when choosing a cell phone. Typically, modern cell phone models like HONOR 200 Lite are built with a 4500mAh battery, which will be sufficient for daily usage. Even though, the battery life will deteriorate if we don’t charge it smartly. A lot of users won’t charge their cell phones until the battery level falls below 15%, and some of them will charge only after the battery touches 5%. In addition, several users prefer to plug the charger on their phones overnight to ensure they have sufficient battery for the next day. These will all cause inevitable damage to your phone and shorten the battery life. For recommendations, try to maintain your cell phone battery level between 30% to 80%, and you can set up the upper charging limit by the smart charging feature of your phone. 

Dipping Your Phone into Water

No matter for water-proof models or normal cell phones, it is not a good idea to keep them after all, they are electronic devices. Unfortunately, some users love to take photos under water or forget to take out their phones from their clothes before doing laundry. All these will be harmful to your phones to some degree.


Leave Your Phone in A Hot Environment

It is hard to realize if we leave our phones in a hot status because we pay too much attention to using them. When we run mobile games, the processor will start to work to give you a smooth experience, and thus the temperature will be boosted. However, if we spend 3 to 4 hours on it without taking a break, the continuous process will force our cell phone processor to overrun and result in decreased performance and longer response time.

Always Keep the Screen on

Some users switch off the auto screen option and turn off the screen manually after using their phones. It is ok if you remember to switch off your cell phone screen every time, but at least, we are also likely to keep it on for a long time when we are busy on something else. Moreover, most users prefer to use their cell phone navigators during a trip. If they have a 4-5 hour drive with the navigation on, the cell phone battery will be drained sharply and reduce the overall capacity at the end.


In conclusion, you have to charge your cell phone strategically to maintain a healthy battery status. So, never charge it overnight, and try to keep the battery level between 30% to 80%. Moreover, try not to keep your phone underwater even if it is a water-proof model. Furthermore, please avoid leaving your cell phone overheat, and stop keeping it working for too long. Finally, don’t leave the screen on for hours, as it will reduce the overall battery capacity.

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