Tech Mahindra Share Price Today: This piece provides a comprehensive analysis

Tech Mahindra, a prominent player in the IT services sector, has been making headlines with its stock performance. As of today, May 25, 2024, the share price of Tech Mahindra is a key point of interest for investors and market analysts alike. This article delves into the current share price, recent financial performance, and future prospects of the company Tech Mahindra Share Price Today.

The current share price

As of today, Tech Mahindra’s share price stands at ₹1,338.65 on the NSE (INDmoney). The stock has seen a variety of movements in recent days, reflecting market sentiment and the company’s financial health.

Financial Performance

Quarterly Results

On April 25, 2024, Tech Mahindra announced its Q4 FY24 results. The company experienced a decline in net profit, which fell to ₹664.20 crore from ₹1,128.60 crore a year earlier, representing a significant drop of 41% (IND money). Challenges in the telecom sector, which forms a substantial part of Tech Mahindra’s business, were the reason for this decline Tech Mahindra Share Price Today.

Annual Performance

For the fiscal year ending March 2024, Tech Mahindra’s total revenue stood at ₹51,995.50 crore, a slight decrease from the previous year’s ₹53,290.20 crore (mint). Despite the decline in annual revenue, the company has set ambitious targets for the coming years, aiming for industry-leading growth and EBIT margins of 15% by FY27 (INDmoney).

Market Sentiment

Recent stock movements

Tech Mahindra’s stock has shown resilience despite the challenges. Following the Q4 results, the stock initially saw a decline but quickly rebounded, rallying up to 10% in the following days (INDmoney). Over the past month, the stock has moved up by 11%, indicating positive market sentiment (IND Money) Tech Mahindra Share Price Today.

Analyst Ratings

Market analysts have mixed views on Tech Mahindra. Some are optimistic about the company’s future prospects, citing its strategic initiatives and robust hiring plans. Tech Mahindra anticipates strengthening its workforce and driving future growth by hiring 6,000 freshmen in FY25 (IND money). However, concerns remain about the immediate financial performance and sector-specific challenges.

Shareholding Pattern

Institutional and retail investors

According to the latest data, Tech Mahindra’s shareholding pattern is as follows: Tech Mahindra Share Price Today.

  • Promoter holdings: 35.09%
  • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs): 24.15%
  • Mutual Funds: 14%
  • Retail Investors: 11.07%
  • Others: 15.69% (IND money) ​

Recent Changes

There has been a slight decrease in holdings across all major categories in the last quarter, indicating a cautious stance among investors. Foreign institutions, mutual funds, and retail investors have all reduced their stakes marginally (INDmoney).

Strategic Initiatives

Future Plans

Tech Mahindra remains committed to long-term growth, despite the muted financial results. The company has outlined a three-year plan to achieve a 15% operating margin by FY27. This includes expanding its digital services, enhancing operational efficiencies, and strengthening its presence in high-growth markets (INDmoney) Tech Mahindra Share Price Today.

Industry Collaboration

Tech Mahindra has also been active in forming strategic partnerships. Notable collaborations include partnerships with IBM and Atento, aimed at expanding its service offerings and enhancing its technological capabilities.


Tech Mahindra remains a significant player in the IT services sector, with a resilient stock performance and strategic plans aimed at driving future growth. While the company faces short-term challenges, its long-term outlook appears promising, supported by ambitious targets and strategic initiatives.

To make informed decisions, investors should monitor the company’s quarterly results and strategic moves. The current share price reflects a cautious yet optimistic market sentiment, balancing immediate financial challenges with the potential for future growth Tech Mahindra Share Price Today.

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